If you like my work, other comics of mine can be found below.

The Accidental Candidate   –   Womanthology

Here are links to some comics that I really like.

Achewood   –   Gunnerkrigg Court   –   Hark! A Vagrant

Johnny Wander   –   The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

The Meek   –   Serenity Rose   –   Shadoweyes

Templar, Arizona   –   Vattu

Other links! Lots of sites have earned my love and provided their share of joy and reference material.

Boing Boing   –   io9   –   James Lileks   –   Retronaut

Christian Annyas   –   Drawn!

And, hey, if you enjoy O Human Star and want to link to it on your own site, go ahead!