Welcome back to O Human Star, and thank you for your patience as I took some time to work on Kickstarter stuff. So here are a few points of order:

I’ve scheduled a livestream for tomorrow (Tuesday 12/6) at 7 pm CST. I’ll be drawing the KS-exclusive wallpaper, so come say hi! Livestreams, as always, are made possible by Patreon backers.

I’ve uploaded a few new pieces of fan art to the Extras page – and remember that you can link me to art at any time and I’ll try to remember to add it! I love all the art you’ve sent me.

Finally, I encourage you to check out this poster I designed last month, which I’ve put up for sale on InPRNT with artist proceedings going to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. SRLP provides important resources for trans people of color and/or low income, so please consider them as one of your holiday charities this year.

That’s all for now. Let’s resume twice-weekly updates!