Page 18. Realistic.

Gotta make an executive decision here: Not only will this also be a one-update week, but the rest of February and all of March will be one-update weeks as well. With the preparations and traveling I’ll be doing for Emerald City Comicon, that’s just how it’s got to be. In the meantime, join me this Wednesday, 2/22 at 7pm CST for a livestream!

If you’re a Patreon pledger who’d like more information on how the next couple months will go, read on:

For Patreon people especially, I understand how this new update schedule is a bummer. We’ve consistently hit a monthly amount that for some time now had guaranteed twice-weekly updates. Lately, the work that would normally going into that second OHS update has been going into Meal instead. Your pledges have helped me produce comic pages, but ones that are too early in production to share.

This suggests to me that my Patreon is due for a restructuring so patrons can better understand what to expect from me in 2017: OHS at a slower but steady rate, and consistent work on Meal. I will give my Patreon page a facelift in mid-late March to reflect these changes.

Thanks for your patience as I shift my workload a bit. My 2017 projects are super exciting and I look forward to sharing them with you!