O Human Star centers around the lives of three people and the impact they’ve had on their world and on each other.

Alastair Sterling

December 12, 1961 – April 15, 2005,    February 2, 2021 -

Al is the inventor who started it all. While he was alive, Al hid behind a tough and imposing exterior – and after death he became a near-mythical figure among humans and robots alike. Now that he has been mysteriously resurrected in a robot body, Al searches for answers from the only person who knew him as he really was.


Brendan Pinsky

July 24, 1978 -

In his business partnership with Al, Brendan was seen as the ideas man – the charismatic and ambitious spokesman who got people to care about their creations. Since Al’s death, Brendan has matured into a shrewd inventor and a caring father who nonetheless shoulders a lot of regrets.



Sulla Pinsky

April 16, 2005 -

Sulla was the first robot created to perfectly resemble a human being – Alastair Sterling -  but she is still trying to figure out who she really is. A brilliant and sensitive mind in a teenage girl’s body, Sulla  knows a lot is expected of her and tries her best to impress her creator, her hero, and her newfound friends.